Technology For Schools & Small Businesses


Salesian Academy is a technology services company dedicated to the design, setup, implementation, and training of technology for schools and small businesses. We offer services for every step of the technology integration process --- from the planning of networks, setup and maintenance of workstations, training staff, and developing new systems for workflow at the office or in the classroom. We aim to be a one-stop-shop but we are aware of our limits and can find you the best solution even if we cannot provide it to you ourselves. We do that because we are a company that is well trusted, respected, and competitively priced and we pride ourselves most on the value we can provide each customer.

Thomas Boles, a former teacher and administrator turned tech director, founded Salesian Academy in 2011. Thomas was able to use his unique perspective as a classroom teacher and administrator to develop smart and economical systems that could be implemented easily and that worked simply. These systems have been tried and tested over and over to be sure of efficiency and scalability and the service delivered is both professional and courteous. Customers of Salesian Academy tend to find that things just work, they understand how it's to be used and why they are using it in addition to whom to call when they don't work. See how Salesian Academy can help you achieve your goals too.



At Salesian Academy, we don't only solve the problems that sometimes pop up in your classroom, we also help you stay on top of the ever-evolving tech world. At our sessions you will learn how to take the latest trends and integrate them into your curriculum. We call this "The Academy" --- our package suite of professional development services. We offer three tiers of training in all things tech and productivity, listed below:

Tech Dinners

Whenever we had someone come to a faculty meeting to give us some professional development I was always distracted by what was going on afterwards or wanting to get home instead of really investing energy into learning about what was being presented. It was always the wrong time or the wrong subject and I was forced to be there. The times I learned the most were when I was removed from the school at a session that I was interested in, I had taken the time to attend and I had the chance to talk shop with other teachers. It was the right time, the right subject and I wanted to be there - therefore I learned.

Seems obvious, right? So why do schools and districts insist on offering all of the opposite of what seems so obvious to work? We try to recreate that exact experience with our monthly tech dinners on popular topics of tech integration. The difference lies in that we offer it at night, at a restaurant, where you can just relax, talk about the big picture or work out an idea with your peers while learning. Think of it is a learning opportunity with no strings attached. There will be no documentation; no formatting rules and no mapping afterwards. Just food, fun and learning with other teachers.

1-on-1 Coaching or Weekly Sessions

Need some help fleshing out a lesson or how to exactly incorporate the tech or best engage your students? Would you like to have someone that you can regularly bounce ideas off of, but on your timeline? Do you have a project that you want to develop or need a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use a certain digital tool? Would you like a regular weekly session to build your own mastery? Our private coaching offers 1-on-1 time to really get the most out of a topic or digital tool. We can collaborate on projects and help setup the tech so you can forget about how to do it and focus on creating a great lesson for your students.


We offer half and full-day sessions for entire faculties or small groups. After school, before the school year, and summer institutes are all available for trainings. Let us know your topic and timing and we will put together a great course.

We tailor make all of our professional development sessions to the school or teacher and so if there is something in particular you would like covered in a session just ask. Some of the topics that we have covered in the past are listed but not limited to those below:

Getting Into Google: A Look At All Google Has To Offer
Google Classroom
Lesson Design
SMART Technologies